The Gallo warms up quickly: 7 points after the first 12 ‘, after which Californians are under 34-29 for the tear fault LaVine, who places a pair of triples in the final time.

And Italy made the treble row team in 1994 in Canmore, Canada with Carrara, Leitgeb, Zingerle and Pallhuber. After the Cattarinussi bronze in 1996 in Ruhpolding, and the one in the relay, the last will mature triumph earlier today and signed by Willy Pallhuber in the 10 km Sprint. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Since 1997, a sequence of silvers and bronzes for a total of 25 podiums. Until this gem that says that nothing is impossible for women of Italy.

There is the Doro woman in partial 6-1 between boys and girls in terms of world titles, because in the meantime has gained another gold in the men’s Dominik Windisch. It is not over: in fact, from tomorrow until next Sunday Italy will cheer for Wierer and Lisa Vittozzi who will contest – starting level on points – the World Cup. But this time, women could march on men. In fact, no Italian has ever won the crystal ball.

Stefano Arcobelli

March 24, 2019 – Milan Stephan El Shaarawy, 26 years. Getty Stephan El Shaarawy leaves the National Assembly for a calf problem which will be evaluated tomorrow in Rome. Considering how the president of the Giallorossi, Pallotta, both angry (to say the least) for the series of muscle injuries of Rome (well over 40 share) the news coming from Italy’s withdrawal will certainly not for pleasure.

While waiting for the new head of physiotherapists, Ed Lippie, his right-hand man, he reports on injuries, Roma are in fact struggling with a new calf trouble. El Shaarawy, who before the game yesterday with Finland, had accused a nuisance this morning still felt pain and then the blue team, in consultation with the Roma player, has decided to make him abandon the national team.

The stop does not seem serious, but considering all the injuries to the calf had to Trigoria this year, no one bring himself to say too much. On the other hand, it seems to improve Kolarov, that next week (Tuesdays at 11 shooting) could start again to work with the group. Italy-Finland, De Calo: “Stretcher more Kean, the beauty of Italy they like and grows” record – Never in Rome, there had been many muscle trouble in a year.

The same El Shaarawy, career, had never suffered from injuries and this year is already with two. In season they are injured calf Shepherd, Perotti, De Rossi, Olsen, Florenzi, Pellegrini, Coric and Manolas. Also children k.o. – Against Lichtenstein, Mancini will have to do without Cristiano Piccini: the outside will follow the team to Parma, then take back to Valencia for specialized medical treatment.

Meanwhile, the Blues are back in the field to the Arena Dacia, in a morning training session for players not involved in yesterday’s race. Sitting in the gym, however, for the veterans from the match with Finland. Meanwhile Parma is preparing to welcome the national team: the Municipal Administration of blue light the Town Hall from tonight until Tuesday. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Chiara Zucchelli

March 16, 2019 – Milan Danilo Gallinari, 30 years. Ap The Italians of America, assicuratisi the playoff spot, continue to win, making it more exciting sprint to three (with Utah) for sixth place in the West. The San Antonio Spurs Belinelli win their seventh win in a row, against the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Clippers Gallinari bend Chicago winning their sixth win in their last seven outings.

LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS-128-121 CHICAGO BULLS – The Clippers get the 40th win of the season (40-30) thanks to a sensational 3rd quarter, 45 points and 16/24 shooting. Gallinari scored 12 points in the part, even 27 for the match, scorer of Californians, West eighths, but stuck in San Antonio and Utah, which precede them. Chicago (19-51) fight, but has yet to find a credible player deductible despite the salaries paid by All Star LaVine and Porter who certainly are not …

He discussed the double expulsion of Boylen and Rivers after an unusual altercation between coaches nba. Nba, 24/2: LeBron James than Michael Jordan, but … THE GAME – LaVine return after a couple of games of absence, and finds himself among Beverley feet … Lopez is rampant in attack ready / away: 10 points in the 1st fourth, that marks him less than 9 per game on average.

The Gallo warms up quickly: 7 points after the first 12 ‘, after which Californians are under 34-29 for the tear fault LaVine, who places a pair of triples in the final time. The bench Clippers, driven by the energy of Harrell, who reiterates a more improved player nomination of the season, puts things right at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. But the return of the owners of the Bulls, with Lopez and LaVine unleashed, held in front of Chicago.

Bulls 63-57 range. Despite the usual impact (10 points) Williams off the bench. From the locker room the Clippers return transformed. With the sense of urgency that is used to close a race that must win to try to avoid the intersection Warriors playoffs. A partial 13-2 splits the game: Gallo overflows against Markkanen, segnandogli in the face by both the perimeter attacking in penetration.

The triple Shamet worth the 84-71, and is the tombstone on the game. Because the Bulls are in panic and have LaVine Dunn as guards means a lot reviewable readings. 91-73 is the maximum advantage Clips, Beverley, more irritating nettle, but tremendously effective, haranguing to the Staples Center crowd.

Boylen and Rivers are hunted after a rare altercation between coaches, with the Coach of Chicago is yet another figure to be quarrelsome over the top, out of control and perhaps out of place at the NBA level. The part of the 3rd quarter is 45-21 Clips. So little.

With the game by 4 points of Sweet Lou as icing on the cake of 102-84 after 36 ‘. Then Harrell and Williams continue to rage, and Gallinari climbs to 27 points. The Clippers triumphs. Los Angeles: Gallinari 27 pt (6/10, 4/4 /, 3/5 tl), Harrell 26, 21. Williams Rebounds: Beverley 8. Assist: Beverley 7. Chicago: LaVine 31 (6/12, 3/7 , 10/13 tl), Lopez 22, 15.

Porter Rebounds: Lopez / Marrkanen 8. Assists: LaVine 7. San Antonio-New York 109-83 – on February 24 in New York San Antonio had hit 1xbet live online bottom, giving 130 points to the Knicks in the clear “tanking mode”, but now the team that produced the worst “Rodeo Trip” in the history of the Texas franchise seems a distant relative of the current Spurs. The Gregg Popovich team, in fact, has changed gears and twenty days and ‘put to defend really well, perhaps moving away permanently, the specter of a glaring absence from the postseason, after 21 consecutive seasons closed to the playoffs . Against the Knicks it brings us a comfortable victory, the seventh consecutive (best current winning streak of any NBA) that holds the Spurs in sixth place in the West with only two races on the Thunder delay.

A good Marco Belinelli closes his challenge to New York signing 12 points in 21 ‘on the floor. How different the approach of the Spurs since the jump ball than the race of Madison Square Garden. San Antonio defends discipline and attack relies on the production of Aldridge and Forbes. The usual good impact from the bench and Belinelli Mills then allows the hosts to touch the double digit lead at the start of the second quarter.

New York does what he can, but the Spurs allow very little. Poeltl, deployed in a quintet also to make a door with DeAndre Jordan, is felt on both sides of the field, in attack the ball moves well and with the layup Belinelli at 37 ” from the rest Spurs close a good first time forward 56-41. The Knicks have the merit of continuing to tie early in the third quarter they start playing their best basketball.

Dotson become deadly from the perimeter and New York slowly reopens a match that seemed closed. As soon as the Spurs, however, feel his breath on the neck of the Knicks accelerate offensive level and returning masters of the race. The production of Marco Belinelli allowing San Antonio to close the third quarter on a high and the beautiful game of three blue at 1’01 ” left in the third period shows the Spurs to +13.

The last quarter goes away without major upheavals. San Antonio touches +20 comfortable with a triple from Bertans to 7’29 ” from the siren, and the rest ‘academy. San Antonio: Belinelli 12 (4/6, 1/4, 1/1 tl), 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 recovery in 21’12 ”. Aldridge 18 (8/14, 2/2 tl), Forbes 13, DeRozan 13.

Rebounds: Aldridge 11. Assist: DeRozan 7, White 7. New York: Dotson 21 (6/13, 3/6), Allen 16, Mudiay 14.